Centerless Grinding Wheels

An application which presents the most daunting challenges to any abrasive manufacturer. The range of requirements and priorities of this application varies from product to product which calls for an equally wide range of offerings to suit the same. Since in most of the Centerless applications, more than one wheel is mounted on the spindle, extremely tight tolerances need to be maintained in the geometry and densities of the wheels to ensure uniform wear patterns even if each wheel in the set is different.

CUMI has the expertise, when it comes to Centerless applications thanks to the advanced manufacturing process, premium Abrasive grains and specially designed Vitrified, Resin and Rubber bond systems to suit the application needs. Customized solutions are provided for every application and specific requirement. Be it through-feed, end-feed or in-feed, CUMI wheels ensure that components are finished to stringent quality requirements.

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