Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

What sets Crankshaft grinding apart from the other cylindrical grinding process is the extremely crucial function of the crankshaft in itself. Crankshaft design requires meticulous attention from material selection to the various hardening processes. Each part of the crankshaft is designed to have different hardness meeting specific demands of the application. Grinding of the shoulder region is a surface grinding operation, while the grinding of the pin is a cylindrical grinding operation. This poses a great challenge in designing a wheel that performs both these processes efficiently.

With the incorporation of the latest advances in Abrasive grains and Vitrified bond technology, CUM I provides Crankshaft grinding wheels that can face each of these challenges. The basic composition of the wheels are designed to give maximum life and excellent form holding while physical forms like slotted wheels, sandwich wheels, dual grade wheels etc. enable the wheels to grind without burns.