Ftype Grinding Wheels

F type wheels or Fastening type wheels are resinoid wheels which are fastened to the back plates using bolts. The face of the wheel is used to grind components and generate flat and parallel surfaces. Used in various industries like Bearings, Auto etc. The applications usually demand high stock removal along with tight size tolerances and fine surface finishes. Since the area of grinding is very large, heat generation is high, provisions are made in the chemical and physical design of the wheel to ensure that
there is enough scope for heat dissipation by effective utilization of coolants.

CUMI wheels are proven to perform at high feed rates and material removal applications while meeting stringent quality requirements in terms of size tolerances, heat generation and surface finishes, thanks to the special technology of grain-bond combination, which ensures free cutting. Physical features like coolant slots, through holes and honeycomb structure aid in taking the performance of the wheels to the next level.