Tool Room Grinding Wheels

Tool room grinding wheels find vast applications in the manufacture and regrinding of cutting tools like drills, reamers, milling cutters etc.,

CUMI’s tool room wheels are available in like plain wheels (type 1), cup wheels (type 6 & 11), dish wheels (type 12), saucer wheels (type 13). They are available in both dry and wet grinding applications.

Type Operation Speed Best Better Good
Case Hardened Steel Rough 35 1CUMISA46 J6 VC500 RA46I 54 J6 V206 AA46I54 K5 VB
50 1CUMISA46 J6 VC500 145 RA46I 54 J6 V206l 45 AA46I54 K5 V 45
Finish 35 1CUMISA60 J6 VC500 RA60 J6 V206 AA60 K5 VB
50 1CUMISA60 J6 VC500 145 RA60 J6 V206l 45 AA60 K5 V45
Tungsten Carbide 35 GC60 K5 VS2110 GC60 K5 VG CGC60 K5 VG
50 GC60 K5 VS2110I45 GC60 K5 VGI 45 CGC60 K5 VGI 45
Special Tool Steels Rough 35 71HA461 J7 VC500 55A461 J7 VC500 RAA46I 54 J6 V206
50 71HA461 J7 VC500I45 55A461 J7 VC500I 45 RAA46I 54 J6 V206l45
Finish 35 71HA60 J7 VC500 55A60 J7 VC500 RAA60 J6 V206
50 71HA60 J7 VC500I45 55A60 J7 VC500I 45 RAA60 J6 V206l 45